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Hey Andre, 

I wish I had some constructive critisism for you, but I thought you did a great job so you'll have to get the criticism from someone else :)

I'm not just saying that either.  I've worked with several agents throughout my life, and I thought you were very attentive to details and prompt at taking action when action was needed.  You were very quick to tackle potential problems and weren't afraid to get down and dirty when trying to figure out the solution.  Most agents would have just avoided the issues because it was easier or less work.

Something else (just to stroke your ego even more)... John MacElvane was talking to your boss at closing and made the comment that he really enjoyed working with you and that you were "very good".

You are on the top of my recommendation list.

See you soon.

- Ken

Hi Andre,

Thank you again for helping us with our new (first) home! If I did not seem very excited at the closing it was because I was a little shell shocked. Plus those people were weirding me out. Moon baths?

Anyway, you wanted some feedback. I really liked the way you helped us with the whole NorthPark thing. You knew that's where we really wanted to live but you still made us see all these other places so that we were a little more open minded about the whole search process. Then when the whole Holly Park thing started to unfold, you were very up front and honest about the place, without being pushy about buying or not buying it. Although I have to admit, for a first time home buyer with absolutely no experience, a 
little more hand holding might have helped. But I know it's sometimes hard to tell, so I think you did the right thing in stepping back and letting us make the decision and then agreeing with us once it was made.

In general, I think you are very honest and good with guidance, without being pushy. Not that I have anything to compare you to, but I have heard stories from other people's experiences. And if it helps, Brian at 
HouseMasters said you were a great guy to work with!

So far, I think March 9 is on for the party. I will send you an "official" invitation via e-mail in the next week or so. I hope we are all moved in by then. The weekend was exhausting but the weather was perfect (although I would rather have been skiing). We did take a break yesterday from unpacking boxes but I think we should have it all done by this weekend. We're getting a dining room table and chairs this weekend and Mike is itching to take down some of those ceiling fans. And he's also taking paint. I don't mind waiting a while. This could lead to some interesting exchanges.

We'll be in touch,

We would like to recommend Andre Mazur to you.  Andre was very helpful in our selection of a resale home in Longmont this year.  We would be happy to use him again in the future whether selling our home or purchasing another home and have recommended him to other family members looking to move back to the area.
We were living in the mountains about 200 miles away from Longmont.  Our house went up for sale in March 2002.  The market was slow and it took about 6 months to sell our home.  During those 6 months, Andre gave up many Saturday_s to help us look at homes.  He was patient and encouraging when we thought our house might not sell. 
We started out with a very broad search looking at different areas and subdivisions in Longmont.  Our search included new and resale homes. There was an area that we thought we weren_t interested in but decided to take a look anyway.  It turned out that this area was the one that kept drawing us back and we eventually purchased in this area.  Having had the opportunity to look over the course of many months allowed us to make a fairly quick decision when our home sold at the last minute.  We had a very good idea of size, price, and style that would make a house a home.

Andre is truly a great agent.  You are welcome to contact us as a highly satisfied reference.

Brock & Mimi Taylor

Here's what I have to say about Andre Mazur, Realtor extraordinaire - -

I know Andre on 2 levels - we have both a business and a personal relationship.  Andre has always been completely professional in his business dealings with me. Considering that we are personal friends I find this to be more of a compliment than it would normally be.  He has the wonderful talent of separating business from personal, thereby maintaining both relationships well.  In the 2 real estate transactions in which we were involved I could not have asked for better service, commitment or ease
of correspondence.  His creativity, I am sure, was what led to a successful house purchase in a situation where there were 2 qualified buyers vying for
the same property.

Personally, I find Andre to be of the highest character and a joy to be with.  (Here I would add that you're a great cook too but that's really off topic, huh?)


Dear Andre,

I wanted to take a moment to formally thank you for all your hard work and assistance in buying our new home.  Being first time homebuyers, Jacqui and I had many questions and concerns that you promptly addressed with kindness and understanding.  Your pleasant demeanor and thoughtfulness were only overshadowed by your knowledge of the purchase process.  From selecting a location and builder to examination of the property on the “Walk Through” and protecting our interests during the closing, your attention to detail and professionalism were invaluable.  Your suggestions regarding mortgage brokers, hazard insurance, even Radon inspections were impeccable and greatly appreciated.
Rest assured that we would recommend you to our friends and family without hesitation.  In fact, I expect you to receive many calls in the coming weeks, as I have already highlighted your hard work as the primary reason our purchase went as smoothly as it did.  Additionally, please feel free to give my contact information to any potential clients should they need a reference.  Working with you was a pleasure, Andre.  I cannot express how valuable your services were.  Thank you again, and best wishes.  We look forward to having you up to the new place for dinner just as soon as we have settled in.

Jim and Jacqui Burnett


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